October 2017  
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GATOR Wilderness Camp


“Set up road markers for yourself; make yourself guideposts; consider well the highway, the road by which you went.”  Jeremiah 31:21 – The prophet Jeremiah calls Ephraim to consider and reflect on the way they are taking. 


At Gator Wilderness Camp School evaluation is an important program component; campers experience taking time to reflect on choices and natural consequences that result.  Several weeks ago a very angry 12 year-old was placed at camp.  As this boy’s IEP was reviewed at camp, we read a description of a boy’s behavior in school that seemed controlled primarily by the violent video games he played continually at home.  Teachers expressed real concern with specifics about the games and characters he imitated.  That last IEP review was done about one month ago. 


This 12 year-old has now been at camp two weeks.  This week, after living outdoors away from his video games and in a structured environment this camper wrote the following.  “Today was a day I have been waiting for!  After having breakfast in the chuck wagon we loaded up into the van.  After driving for maybe an hour we reached the Peace River.  I was ready to find some shark teeth.  We went to the swamp parts of the Peace River to find the right place to sift for some shark teeth.  On our way there I got stuck in the mud so I took off my shoes to get out.  After an hour of finding fossils, shark teeth and other stuff we sat down for lunch.  We had the best subs in the world.  Chief Cory said that it was too cold to sift for another half an hour.  I feel sad that we don’t get to sift but I can understand why because of the safety reason.  Then we returned to camp and unloaded the van.  I just wish to find more shark teeth.”  


Each time we saw this young man this week, we could see changes in his posture, affect, and interactions with those around him.  As followers of Jesus Christ, we need in this 21st century to follow the prophet Jeremiah’s call to set up goals for ourselves and our families, and consider the direction we are doing.  Let’s call violent media what it is . . . a curse on the lives of our children and families.


Please continue to pray for campers, staff, and families, and thank you for praying!