Genesis 1:1-2:4 July 15, 2020

Pastor Bruce Hedgepeth

Genesis 1:1-2:4 Image 

This if the six days of creation that begins the Bible. So much to be interested in and wonder about with the way God's creative process is described.

For example, the light and the darkness are mentioned days before the sun and the moon. Or, I'm fascinated with "the deep" how is seems to be associated with water.

However, the biggest question that comes up for me is when God created humans in in God's own image on the sixth day.

What does it mean for me, for us, to be created in the image of the creator? Males and females that bear the divine image.

Is being an image-bearer of God related to the dominion that the Lord gave humankind in creation?

What does it mean for our relationships with each other as co-image bearers of the creator? How does it speak to situations with protests and upheaval in these times? Make me a true image-bearer.

  August 2020  
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