Luke 24:13-49 May 1, 2020

Pastor Bruce

Luke 24:13-49 Heartburn 

First part of this text (through verse 35) is one of my favorite passages-the walk to Emmaus.

After the crucifixion & reports of the empty tomb, these two disciples (not among the 12) were walking from Jerusalem to the village of Emmaus when, unknown to them, the resurrected Jesus joined them. Even though they didn't recognize him, the text says that he showed them from the scriptures how all that had happened to Jesus was according to God's word. 

Then he joined them for dinner when they got to Emmaus and when he broke the bread, they recognized Jesus-then he disappeared.

Love their response to each other "were not our hearts burning within us when he explained the scriptures?"

It's that spiritual tingling, that heartburn, that I've felt at times when the Holy Spirit convicts me about a truth in God's word  that is either new to me, or seems new in how it speaks to my situation.

 Lord give me that kind of heartburn as I listen to what you are saying through your word. Enable me to share that heartburn of the spirit with others for your purpose &glory.


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