Serving Deacons

The following are serving as Deacons:

                                           Chris Davitt-Moderator  

Celeste Klett                                                                                           Zera Leiby 

 Linda Lane                                                                                            Bernie Schiefer

Gail March                                                                                             

During this time of Covid-19, your Deacons have offered to help with getting groceries or pharmacy runs.  If you are not well, please contact the church office, and we will pass along to the Deacons.                                                                               

The prayer chain, Meal Train, Easter Lilies, Christmas Poinsettias, care cards, and other opportunities for serving are handled by the Deacons.  If you are in need of assistance, going in for sugery, need prayer, or we can help, please see your Deacon.  If you are unsure who your Deacon is, please call the office and we will put them in touch with you!

Prayer Chain email is 

Meal Train can always use volunteers to prepare a meal or two for our neighbors in need!  Sign up is easy, and you can pick your days, meals, etc!

Would you consider being a Deacon?  Please see Rita for more information.  We will be involved in nominating the next class of Deacons as some of our Deacons have reached their term. There is always an opening for someone to become a Deacon.  If you find it weighing on you to become a Deacon, please reach out to Reta directly, or call the office.